Physicians across continents participating in the vigil in front of the United Nations to denounce the bombing of the Syrian hospitals


Participating physicians across continents since yesterday, represented by Dr. Muhammad Zahid al-Masri, head of relief and medical mission in Syria in the vigil white Balrda in front of United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, with a number of organizations working in the medical relief in Syria and activists, to condemn the bombing of hospitals, medical facilities and violations against doctors in Syria and ask the United Nations to shoulder its responsibilities to protect them, and have published a number of them on the ground to indicate the martyrs of Syrian doctors during the relief work.

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Physicians Across Continents On The Chadian Border To Help Refugees Central Africa

Not homeless
Extremely them but to look for medical care Omainihtdhanhm ideal heal their pain, scrambling Muslims of Africa Chadian border, in a bid to find a safe place amid the harsh desert areas ..


Physicians across continents and which has received various calls from several quarters, made a point of presence in the heart of the place, as it seeks urgent intervention and action on convoys medical relief to the displaced and has come a long way in this regard ahead ..

The journey to Chad:

According preparations doctors across continents to help refugees has sent a team of administrators and doctors to Chad and specifically to each of N’Djamena and Seydou edifice in order to stand the conditions of refugee camps and more than 80 thousand refugees from the Central African Republic,