Pan-African Consulting PLC


PAC is a leading consulting firm which was registered in Ethiopian Commercial Law under Proc. Number 980/2016. Our company is incorporated as a private limited company in accordance Ethiopian pertinent law with a notarized of Association and Article of Association. We fulfill every requirements and legal licenses including TIN number and VAT registration certificates from competent agency.

Pan-African Consulting has also acquired Grade-1 license for undertaking environmental impact assessment and environmental auditing services from Federal Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission.

Since our establishment we have been offering high standard consultancy services mainly on project proposal development, feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment, environmental auditing, market assessments, strategic planning and business planning & development diligently in compliance with all requirements and licenses.

To offer high standard consulting services, our company is organized by competent and experienced team of experts that maintain ethical rules applicable to the assigned tasks. PanAfrican Consulting is best choice if you seek for reliable consulting company that never compromise on quality and time.

  • Vision

    To be one of the preferred and trusted consultancy, research and training company with effective, professional and innovative services delivered on proper time.

  • Mission

    We aim to achieve our vision by placing emphasis on ensuring that our offerings meet the following criteria; Agility, On time Delivery, Superior Quality, Cost Effectiveness and Great Efficiency.

  • Core Values

    Pan African Consulting PLC, the management and staff own the following values: Customers satisfaction.

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