A. Business and Investment Consulting Services

  • Business Plan/ Project Proposal/Development

    “Failing to Plan is Just Planning to Fail”

    Having a good business idea doesn’t make you successful entrepreneur. Planning your Business is a very important strategic tool for entrepreneur to achieve both their short-term and long-term objectives. We Conduct a Proficient Business Plan and Project Proposal Development.

  • Strategic Plan Designing

    “Corporate Strategic Planning is Critical to Business Success”

    Plenty of companies fail to withstand the competitive business environment. The leading cause is not lack of business idea but absence of good strategic plan. Choose Pan-African CoPlenty of companies fail to withstand the competitive business environment. The leading cause is not lack of business idea but absence of good strategic plan. Choose Pan-African Consulting PLC for honest consultancy services on Strategic Plan Development.nsulting PLC for honest consultancy services on Strategic Plan Development.

  • Feasibility Study and Execution Strategy

    “Invest Only On Feasible Business Lines”

    The importance of a Comprehensive Feasibility Study and Execution Strategy is undeniable to determine the viability of a business venture in a specific area or sector of business. We examine the practicability/feasibility of your business venture interims Technical, Ethical, Financial, Environmental, Economic and Marketing Aspects.

  • Market Research

    “Marketing without Data Is Like Driving With Your Eyes Closed”

    Market research provides detailed insights into the competitors, customers' preferences, consumer buying patterns, latest market trends and economic & demographics shifts. That is why you should never underestimate market research for your products or services. Licensed professionals of Pan-African Consulting PLC conduct standard market research.

B. Socio-Economic Researches and Survey

PAC is one of the leading research firms in socio-economic surveys including socio-economic policy analysis, livelihood and food security survey, demographic research, value chain assessments, gender research and rural development assessment. We undertake wide range of surveys and research by employing the most appropriate research design, data collection and analysis tools. We integrate qualitative and quantitative research tools to come up with more accurate results.

Besides, we provide consultancy services in environmental researches such as energy efficiency assessment, natural resources inventory, water resources, forestry, climate change and wetland assessments.

C. Project Monitoring and Evaluation

  • • Do you want to know the achievements, constraints, performance, results, impact, relevance and sustainability of your projects?
  • • Are you interested to gain lessons from experiences in the respective interventions?

PAC is working with different governmental and non-governmental organization for consultancy services regarding baseline survey, mid-term evaluation and end-line survey on evidence-based evaluation research models, designs, and processes.

D. Environmental & Social Impact Assessment

“Environmental Impact Assessment is Best Tool for Sustainable Development”

PAC is Grade 1 consulting company licensed from FDRE Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission to conduct Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Environmental Auditing and Environmental and Social Management Plan studies.

We have been conducting environmental impact assessment (EIA) for various investment projects such as agriculture, agro-industrials projects, manufacturing industries, mining, construction sectors, hotels and resorts, energy sectors and others for both domestic and multi-national corporations.

  • • For every project we follow international standards, national legal frameworks and regional guidelines of environmental assessments.
  • • Our teams of experts exert tremendous professional effort to the success of your company in the consultancy services for Environmental and Social Management Plan or Environmental Impact Assessment studies.
  • • We take accountability to defend and make all changes, amendments and comments made by the authorized body.
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